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My name is Jaye, a blogger on holistic lifestyle.

In Holistic Living Path, you can find tips and helpful advice on how to make the most of nature and turn your home into a relaxing heaven with essential things.

This life is yours and you have the power to live it however you want. By tapping into a holistic and natural approach, you’re simply taking back control of your life.

Holistic and natural living isn’t only about using the items Mother Nature provided us with, either. It’s about living sustainably, healthily, and according to your values. You can still eat chips or cry when you’re sad. It’s not about masking pain or becoming a “tree hugger.” It’s all about reconnecting with yourself.

So whether you have chronic pain, want to learn more about holistic living, or are simply looking for new ways to connect with yourself, then you’re in the right spot.

I warmly welcome you on board!

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Patria “Jaye” Hernandez is a writer who’s been in the shadows. She’s ready to come forth and let her inner light shine. Each day is an opportunity to take a risk, and she’s vowed to start living every moment as if it were her last.

The Importance of Self-Care and How to Get Started

As a mother, I thought self-care was making sure I ate enough and didn’t completely bite anyone’s head off. Looking at it this way was not healthy nor fun. I wanted to be the “perfect” mom—always available and reliable, but who wants a grumpy mom by their side?